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Game Software Lazeska

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Game Introduction

In a never ending sky space, we flutter into a story of sky adventures which come from all the treasures of curiosities, a pirate aiming at the treasures, and an exotic civilization. We voyage unexplored world through aircraft battle ships Cruise into the sky-Lazeska!

Game Characteristics

Nobody imagines battle in the wide sky space
You can sail for totally new and unexplored sky world you have never experienced, with huge aircraft battle ship. It has many excitements which bring you to the battles against like a strange phoenix, and intelligent monsters only live in sky.

Stylish Action Battle
While you play "Lazeska", you can feel as you're doing consol game based 1 by 1 battle system which can move freely as monster's moving. We provide you enjoy more powerful action with unique skills and console styled controls.

Quests are everywhere!
Lazeska has come from many unique stories which include exploration of relic, an account of the pirates, and the story of fleet war. It contains numerous quests and missions can be undergone in between sky space and ports. Moreover the quests were designed to help you journey to unknown sky world as an aero compass.

The Blockbuster battle of airraft-ship
Lazeska is a new generation online role playing at a background of wide-sky space. Huge scale of sky wars that aircraft ships fight against other ships for proprietary and supremacy of Island of Guild, are now started in all over the sky world.

System Requirements

Minimum Req.
Recommended Req.
Win 98
Win XP
Pentium3 800MHz
Pentium4 2G
512MB above / 1GB
1GB above
Geforce MX440
Geforce FX5600
1.5G more
2G more