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Game Software LaTale

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Game Introduction

The word 'La Tale' is mixed with the pronunciation of 'La' and meaning of 'tale'. 'La' is a word with various meaning, and means 'amazing' and 'exciting'. If it goes for an interjection. The 'La Tale' will be 'amazing and exciting story' There's other meaning in the word [La]. In the Old testament, 'Rah' means 'divinity' as a same pronunciation with 'La'. On the one hand 'Rah' also means 'The Calamity Of The God'. In Persia, if they put 'Rah' and their name together in the last part of the name, it would be 'right way' to go. Considering the meaningful word-'La', we can make out that this la-tale is a story about exciting, divinity and calamity, and going right way. You can explore exciting story with this meaningful title-"La tale" based on a Myth. You will play the game from a story for 'Iris Libiere', and start the journey to find the place where the iris will be!

Game Characteristics

It's the first adventure to play light RPG!
"Fantasy", "teen-aged taste", "modern sensibility"-that's the 'la-tale' which is soft casual MMORPG. You would become a adventurous player hunting down monsters in huge 'dungeon'. The players may put sports shoes and a sword and shield on their hands, and use wizardry to victory against the monsters. You will be the one really enjoy the taste of modern sensibility and fusion world which is mainly com from many myths.

Now, jump into the fantastic action play, real acting-casual MMORPG!
With few keyboard handling, you can just go into the real acting game world. And feel and enjoy the unique fun of 'La-tale'. Through jumping, running, falling down, and hanging, the adventure will be all yours. No matter how many items you have we are offering unlimited decorating avatar system. It means that you can put all items on your avatars at the same time. It's the great chance to boast your avatars to other gamers, putting hats, glasses, pants, shirts, accessories, shoes, glove and mantles.

The battle system featuring great action.
First, You are going to be fresh ruin explorer. There are 4 types of explorer an attacking type, a defense type, a wizard type and a hunting type, it's on your choice. When you start the play, you can choose what character you would like to pick. After deciding the character in combination with other player's character type, and then make a team and fight other team!

System Requirements

Minimum Req.
Recommended Req.
Win 98 / 2000 / ME / XP
Win 98 / 2000 / ME / XP
Celeron 800Mhz
Pentium4 1Ghz
Graphic Card with 3D Support
Graphic Card with 3D Support
16bit Sound Card
56kbps MODEM
Board Band
Dirext X 9.0c
Direct X 9.0c