Game introduction

We'd now like to reveal , the first ever online table tennis game. It has been developed in strict secrecy, draws on the concept of unconstrained revolution, with a theme of youthful passion, It will provide you with a scintillating escape from the ordinariness of everyday life through the fresh and exciting outlet of table tennis.

Game Characteristics

offers a level of excitement and sporting thrills never before experienced in online gaming history!
is based on the conversion of the pace and thrills of a real game of table tennis into an online game, and aims to reproduce an extreme degree of immersion and the actual impact of hitting the ball. Scintillating rallies at extreme speeds, powerful smashes that allow players to freely show-off their skills, and even the spine-tingling impact of actually hitting the ball. From the early stages of 's development, we've sought the advice and help of current coaches and players, and have utilized motion-capture technology, In particular, we have successfully implemented a control mechanism tailor-made to the fast movement of table tennis balls, allowing players to experience all the thrills of playing with real rackets and balls.

Sweep your mouse like a racket!
defies the usual simplistic keyboard strokes and boring mouse clicks for an innovative mouse-sweeping technique. Players move the mouse as if it's a real racket, to perform powerful services and smashes, allowing them to feel the total excitement of table tennis with their whole body! The furious pace of the ball that's almost insane, and uncountable moments of breathtaking excitement. Players will be able to respond directly to the pace of the ball and it's delicate spins, and feel the pleasure of sheer excitement and dynamic game play.

'Youth' and 'Freedom' explode through the medium of table tennis!
combines 'Hip Hop', the cultural code of the current generation, represented by 'Youth' and 'Freedom', with the legitimacy of the serious sport of table tennis. The highly sophisticated, quality graphics, and the various motions of the stylish characters, are designed intricately enough to look as if they've been taken directly from a live action film, guaranteed to send young players into raptures. utilizes live-action graphics technology to provide many flexible options for facial features. skin tones, hairstyles and tattoos, as well as a variety of custom designs for movement and special skills. Moreover, great effort is being poured into preparing for the thorough customization of the game to meet the needs of customers from the various regions of Chinese-speaking countries.

The most popular sport in the Chinese-speaking world, table tennis!
aims to become a game that is not just loved in Korea, but also by all gamers in Chinese-speaking countries. The most popular sport in the Chinese-speaking world is not football, not baseball, not tennis, but table tennis. has identified a niche in the market for this sport, and we are confident of making a huge splash in the game industry in 2007 with an online table tennis game that no one else has thought of before. And with the 2008 Beijing Olympics just around the corner, you can look forward to observing the progress of in the Chinese-speaking markets.

System Requirements

Minimum Req.
Recommended Req.
Win 98
Win XP
Pentium4 1.6G
Pentium4 2G
Geforce FX5200
Geforce FX6600
Dirext X 9.0c
Dirext X 9.0c